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The Complete Handbook of Coaching Catchers is an in-depth, comprehensive book from one of the best catching instructors in baseball. Illustrated with nearly 400 photos—many of Major League catchers—the book covers everything coaches and catchers at every level need to know in regard to stances, receiving, blocking, and throwing, with innovative drills for each skill, plus sophisticated pitch calling and game management material. And the book isn’t just for catchers—it is an excellent resource for anyone in baseball, from coaches to pitchers to other position players interested in bettering their overall game.

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Pitching to Win With Your Fastball provides a comprehensive overview of the factors
that should be considered if a pitcher wants to use his fastball to help him become
successful. The DVD points out that every type of pitch is thrown with fastball arm
speed and fastball mechanics. In other words, ideally, almost every pitch should
come out of a pitcher’s grip (depth, firmness, softness) the same. In reality, the part
of the ball thrown changes the pitch and/or the speed of the pitch. In addition, the
DVD reviews several key aspects involved in throwing a fastball, including types of
fastballs, location, strategy, pitching combinations, and situational usage.

Types of fastballs—location/
• EV zone
• Location hierarchy for
developing the fastball
• Fastball strategy
• Top five fastball hitters in
• Fastball strategy
• Top five fastball hitters in baseball
by slugging % on fastballs
• Pitching combinations
• Situational fastball usage
• Developing fastball command
• Work on pitching in
• Basic pitching plan


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The Ultimate Catcher’s Pre-Game Drill Series

The Ultimate Catcher’s Pre-Game Drill Series discusses how to conduct a walkthrough
of every possible thing that a catcher is likely to be asked to do during a
game. This approximately 5-minute routine addresses several factors, including
receiving; transfers and footwork to first base; pitchouts, modified pitchouts &
intentional walks; force plays; blocking; and bunted balls. Each aspect of the
routine is explained and demonstrated in an easy-to-understand fashion.

• Catchers’ pre-game drill
• Transfers & footwork to first base
• Pitchouts, modified pitchouts, &
intentional walks
• Force plays
• Blocking
• Bunted balls
• Catchers’ pre-game drill video

introductory special price $25
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